The Sepik Province has a lot to offer its visitors.


There are World War II relics of the fighting between the Japanese, Australians, Americans and New Guinea people. Beautiful carvings and masks carved by skilled hands are also passed on from generation to generation and can be seen in markets, hotels and Haus Tambarams (Spirit Houses). Also impressive is the mighty Sepik River which snakes through and gives life to the Middle Sepik.


Tourists can also go on bird watching tours, attend the annual crocodile and yam festivals. Also very popular is the sacred and highly esteemed skin cutting of men and, in some villages, women too. The skin is cut from the chest to the back and down to the back of the thigh. The cuts are to mimic of the crocodiles back and signifies strength, power and is a rite of passage to becoming a man. 


Also available are the islands off the coast of Wewak town. Tourists can visit hot springs, surfing, diving tours and snorkeling, island sightseeing, watch beautiful sun sets and retire for the day in a modest, simple Guest Haus.

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Sepik Adventure Tours

Sepik Adventure Tours

Inbound tour operator providing tour services to international clients, individuals and groups interested in Sepik River Canoe trips on the great Sepik River in East Sepik Province Papua New Guinea.
We are in the buisness for 30 years. Please contact us on:

Fax/Phone: +675-4562525,

Mobile: +675-72596349 or                  +675-72656367

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Alois Mateos

Sepik River Site Tours

River Sites Tours have been operating for 10 years. We provide customized tours to cater to your needs, group canoeing trips along the Sepik river, island trips with its beautiful beaches and more.  The tours are designed to give you a little understanding of the daily life and the unique culture of the Sepik communities.

Please contact us on:
Mobile: +675-79547561 or           +675-74746615

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Jeicob Marek

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Surfing Wewak

Melanesian Journeys (MAT LTD) is based in Wewak East Sepik Province. The companies aim is to provide interested clients with PNG packaged tours, Island escape packages, include Surfing,snorkeling, Island escapes, Cruise ship land tours, Sepik River Canoe Adventures, Camping tours, trekking in the Sepik plains area (Torembi Yamok areas)

Phone: +675-456 2525

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